Churchill College, Cambridge, UK • 21 – 25 September 2008

This event has now passed. To be kept informed of future events in the series please follow this link.

Evolving from earlier meetings on erosion, the International Conference on Liquid and Solid Impact (ELSI) and the International Conference on Erosive and Abrasive Wear (ICEAW), Elsevier are proud to introduce the 1st International Conference on Abrasive Processes (ICAP).

2008 marks the 50th anniversary of the publication of two seminal papers in the scientific investigation of wear by abrasion and erosion – one by Professor Finnie in the USA and the second by Professor Kruschov in the USSR.  Over the subsequent decades both our understanding and exploitation of these phenomena have developed as a result of a truly international effort.

The theme of ICAP2008 is the degradation of engineering surfaces by wear involving hard particles through both abrasive wear and erosive wear, and the beneficial use of the same processes in manufacturing engineering components.  The meeting will bring together two communities whose work is very closely related but who rarely meet to discuss their common interests: tribologists specializing in wear, and engineers and applied scientists specializing in abrasive processing. 


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